Smoothies for Breakfast: The Best $16 I Ever Spent

I have become obsessed with frozen fruit and greek yogurt. I know, it’s a strange obsession, but it really is true. In early January I purchased a single-serve blender in hopes that I would be the answer to making sure that I get a fairly healthy breakfast in the morning. Let me tell you, after the coffee pot and my slow cooker, this single-serve blender is the most used appliance in my kitchen.

Mornings in my house are hectic, no matter how organized I am. I never know what kind of temperament my daughter will wake up with, and on the days when she is grumpy it’s just crazy in my house. So I knew that I wanted a single-serve blender that I could take with me and that would be super-easy to blend and run. Rushing out of the house in the mornings to drop my daughter at daycare and then off on my 75-minute commute, it’s just easier if I have something convenient to take with me.

While I haven’t been working in my office lately (a horrible car accident has me working from home) I have still been making my smoothies each morning. I even give my daughter a little bit of it in her sippy cup – she loves feeling like an even bigger girl with a smoothie like Mommy’s.

I picked the Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender With Travel Lid from Walmart for $15.88. At first I was a little weary about this because of the inexpensive price (I thought it would be cheaply made), but this little blender has yet to fail me. It crushes up frozen fruit like nobody’s business! I haven’t used ice in it yet, but I don’t foresee it being a problem. In all seriousness, if you are in the market for a single-serve blender, this is the one you should buy. I’m considering purchasing a second one to keep in my office for when I go back to work so that I can make smoothies while I’m at work!

Here are a few of my favorite smoothie combinations:

  • 1/2 bag Frozen Pitted Cherries
  • 8 oz. Mott’s 40% less sugar apple juice
  • 1 container Athenos Greek Yogurt with Honey
  • scoop of protein powder (if after workout – optional)
  • Jamba Juice Strawberries Wild smoothie mix
  • 8 oz. Mott’s 40% less sugar apple juice
  • scoop of protein powder (if after workout – optional)
  • Yoplait smoothie mix
  • 1 cup skim milk
  • scoop of protein powder (if after workout – optional)

Do you have any smoothie combinations you love?


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